Consumer Health

We are a leading supplier of over-the-counter products offering a range of healthcare and wellbeing solutions that consumers know and trust.

We put the consumer at the heart of all our business decisions and are committed to developing insight led, innovative campaigns that help us inform, educate and excite.
We are continually pushing boundaries and our portfolio includes some of the top brands in healthcare. You will find our products in women's health, analgesics, digestive health, skincare, nutrition, allergy and foot care.
Our vision is to be the champions of self care by helping consumers live better, fuller lives for longer.

We have successfully grown our business by:


  • Extending our portfolio of products across the categories of dermatology, dietary supplement, analgesic, gastrointestinal, allergy, cold and flu, foot care, sun protection, cardiovascular risk prevention
  • Informing and educating consumers about our products through innovative advertising and marketing programmes. An example of this is our Canesten website


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