Animal Health

Bayer is committed to ensuring that the relationship between animals and humans remains positive, to protect animals and benefit people. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of veterinary medicinal products, we offer pet owners, veterinarians and farmers a wide range of animal health products for use in household pets, horses and livestock.

The role animals play in our lives is growing in significance, and as humans and animals live closer together, it has also become more necessary to protect humans from the transmission of disease pathogens. Bayer has secured a leadership position in researching and developing products for animal health and pest control since 1919, and we are constantly developing new products and improved forms of administration for the benefit of the animals in our lives.
Our product range has been developed through Bayer's own research and development programmes, specialising in infectious disease and parasite protection for animals.


Products include:

• Comprehensive parasite treatments for companion animals, available in tablet, spot-on and collar formulations

• Innovative products that repel ticks before they can bite, reducing the risk of diseases which they may transmit

• A ground-breaking antimicrobial product used to treat bacterial diseases in dogs, cats and exotic animals (small mammals, reptiles and birds), as well as cattle, pigs and certain classes of poultry.


Please note that all product information on this website relates only to non-prescription products with marketing authorisations in the UK and Ireland. We also offer a range of prescription products available through the veterinary channel. For more information about these products, please contact your vet.

To find out more about some of our campaigns, read below or speak to your vet:



Act Against Lungworm 


Lungworm Can Be Fatal To Dogs. But It Can Be Prevented


The lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum, is a parasite that can cause serious health problems in dogs, and can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated. Preventative products are available and with monthly use prevention is easy to achieve. Always speak to your vet or click here for more information.



Drontal & Advantage


Bayer’s Advantage flea treatment and Drontal worming tablets are clinically proven to treat and prevent flea infestations and treat all types of intestinal worms commonly found in UK cats and dogs.


Advantage -

  • Advantage is a fast, effective topical treatment to protect your pet and home against fleas.

Drontal -

  • Drontal is the wormer that kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats and dogs. Available in tablet formulation for dogs & cats, oral suspension for puppies and a tasty bone formulation for dogs.


Please click here to find out more.



It’s a Jungle Out There 


Where you live and your local environment directly affects the parasites that your pet is exposed to. The risks could be lurking in the park or in your garden. Visit our website to make sure you know about the jungle on your doorstep.



Tracer Advance®


Tracer® is a microchip for permanent identification of animals. It’s easy to have your pet microchipped and it’s the responsible thing to do. Having your pet fitted with a Tracer® Advance microchip means you have the best chance of being reunited with your pet if they go missing. Click here to find a local vet practice who can microchip your pet.






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