Diabetes Care

Bayer Diabetes Care Business Divested -- On January 5, 2016, Bayer AG announced that it closed on its agreement to sell its Diabetes Care business to Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd., a company which is backed by funds sponsored by leading global investment firm KKR and the Panasonic Corporation.  The new name of the stand-alone diabetes care business is Ascensia Diabetes Care. Please see the following websites for further global information on Ascensia Diabetes Care and its product portfolio: Bayer press releaseAscensia Diabetes Care website.

Bayer Diabetes Care is one of the world’s market leaders in the field of blood glucose monitoring systems. It has provided devices and test strips for blood glucose monitoring for more than 40 years. Today, Bayer's blood glucose meters are used by people with diabetes to safely and conveniently monitor their blood glucose levels both at home and on the move.


Bayer's blood glucose meters, CONTOUR® XT, CONTOUR®, CONTOUR® Link, CONTOUR® USB and BREEZE® 2 use No Coding™ Technology, making it easier for users to get an accurate reading every time they perform a blood glucose test. In April 2012, Bayer Diabetes Care launched the new CONTOUR XT blood glucose meter and CONTOUR NEXT test strips, offering next generation accuracy to people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals.


Bayer's blood glucose meters are widely available to people with diabetes, either free of charge through healthcare professionals or to buy online


  • Ask your diabetes nurse for a free CONTOUR® XT blood glucose meter.
  • Bayer's CONTOUR USB is available to buy online at £24.99 RRP + P&P.  Click here to buy Bayer's CONTOUR USB online.  
  • If you use a compatible Medtronic insulin pump, call Bayer Diabetes Support now to claim your FREE Bayer's CONTOUR Link: 0845 600 6030 (UK) or 1 890 920 111 (Ireland)


Bayer meter users can register their meter online for access to a range of free benefits, including free quality control solution batteries and record diaries.  There are also a range of items available to brighten up the testing kit, including free meter wallets and stickers.


Bayer Diabetes Care is committed to simplifying the lives of people with diabetes of all ages through support programmes such as Bayer's 'Around You'


With 'Around You', Bayer's blood glucose meter users can access a range of support services including free of charge batteries and record diaries.  There is also the opportunity to choose free diabetes related gifts, including coloured meter wallets and diabetes recipe books.  People with diabetes should sign up online at www.diabetes.bayer.co.uk for access to a full range of tools and support items. Additionally, Bayer's 'Around U' website offers specific guidance for children and young people living with diabetes.