Bayer is committed to the principle that it has a responsibility towards the public, its customers, employees and the environment. This commitment has been formalised in the 'Responsible Care' policy that all Bayer employees are required to follow in their day-to-day duties.

The Responsible Care guidelines explain the company's principles internally and externally:

  • Product Stewardship... from cradle to grave
  • Environmental Protection... highest industry standards, wherever our products are used around the world
  • Occupational Safety... managing the risks and providing a lead for other industries to follow
  • Dialogue... for better understanding of everybody's point of view


All Bayer employees are responsible for ensuring that the company's environmental protection objectives are achieved. Environmental protection does not mean complying solely with laws and regulations. All employees are expected to identify areas where additional precautionary measures are appropriate and act on their own initiative.


Production facilities must be operated in a way that ensures the safe handling of products and waste. Production processes must:

  • continue to be improved and developed
  • minimise emissions, waste and the use of raw materials and energy
  • ensure that their waste products are reusable or able to be disposed of in an environmentally compatible manner
  • prioritise environmental measures which are integrated into the process rather than added at the end


The Bayer group takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Echoing the UK Chemical Industry Association's campaign of the same name, Bayer's Responsible Care policy commits all employees to the worldwide goal of conserving resources and minimising the environmental impact of its activities.


In the UK/Ireland we have developed formalised management systems to help us demonstrate compliance with external standards. We look after all product and company safety issues, provide training packages to help protect users of our products, and ensure they understand why and how to use products safely.


You can find out more about Bayer's commitment to the enviroment and sustainability on our global website - please click here for more information.