Monday - April 08, 2019

Cereals 2019: Bayer highlights four successors to farmer favourite oilseed rape varieties

Oilseed rape will be a particular focus of Bayer’s stand at Cereals 2019, following the acquisition of Monsanto and its market-leading DEKALB programme in 2018

On display will be four outstanding natural successors to farmer favourites, DK Extrovert and DK Exalte – DK Exstar, with the most complete agronomy package ever; newly-Recommended DK Expansion and DK Exsteel; and DK Extremus, currently in National List testing.


Also showcasing the strength-in-depth of DEKALB traits will be up-and-coming Clearfield varieties, DK Impressario CL, clubroot resistant DK Platinium and new HOLL, V353OL.


Alongside these genetics will be a demonstration of Bayer’s new fungicidal OSR seed treatment, currently approved in Ireland as Scenic Gold (). Increasing root growth markedly and contributing to quicker crop emergence than untreated seed in trials, this promises to provide valuable support to growers keen to combat the cabbage stem flea beetle threat.


The ever popular black-grass weed screen demonstration this year will feature black-grass, rye-grass and bromes with different sensitivity to herbicides, which will be applied across the pots. These will include two development pre-emergence herbicides, as well as Liberator (flufenacet + diflufenican) and Monolith (mesosulfuron + propoxycarbazone) programmes.


In the wheat trench, visitors will be able to see disease control from a unique angle. By comparing the untreated and plots treated with Aviator Xpro (bixafen + prothioconazole) and Ascra Xpro (bixafen + fluopyram + prothiconazole), growers will be able to see how fungicide programmes are performing on each leaf layer at eye level.


After last year’s successful introduction the Speakers Corner talks will also be part of the Bayer stand again. These will concentrate on topics such as black-grass management, how to use yield data to improve crop profitability, and soil health.