Contacting Bayer in the UK region:

Quality Complaints and Enquiries Regarding a Bayer Prescription Only Medicine (POM)

Reporting a quality complaint - please report any quality complaint to Bayer plc (


Enquiries regarding a Bayer prescription only medicine (POM) - please contact the Medical Information Department (Tel: 0118 206 3116,


For more information on how we process any personal data you share with us in relation to these activities please see our Privacy Policy

Adverse Events

Reporting adverse events - adverse events should be reported.  Reporting forms and information can be found at  Adverse events should also be reported to Bayer plc (tel: 0118 206 3500;

You may also wish to discuss any adverse events (including side effects) that you are experiencing with your healthcare professional (e.g. nurse, GP, pharmacist) or call NHS Direct.


For more information on how we process any personal data you share with us in relation to reporting adverse events please see our Privacy Policy

The UK’s exit from the European Union

The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union in 2019 and, like other businesses, we are preparing for every Brexit outcome.


If you are a customer or health care professional and would like to understand the preparations we have made, please contact us directly through our usual business channels.


Patients should speak to a healthcare professional. Bayer has cooperated fully with the Department for Health and Social Care’s published guidance.

Contacting Bayer in the UK/Ireland region:

  • General suggestions, comments or questions for Bayer in the UK/Ireland region - please contact Communications.
  • Specific business or product enquiries - please use the contact details on the relevant Businesses page.
  • Media enquiries - please use the contact details on the News, Media Enquiries page.
  • Bayer in the Republic of Ireland - please visit the Bayer Ireland website.
  • Requests for sponsorship or support - please read the Corporate Societal Engagement pages and use the application form within those pages.

Press Office contacts

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On 19 April 2004, the Bayer group in the UK was granted a new injunction by the High Court of Justice - click on the link below for further details

Legal Injunction