LifeHub UK

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Launched by Bayer in 2019, LifeHub UK is an Artificial Intelligence powered initiative that serves as a springboard for bringing together the UK scientific community – from customers, entrepreneurs and innovators – to collaborate, explore and develop solutions to the complex and pressing healthcare challenges of our time.


Utilising our experience and resources across the healthcare industry, we partner with start-ups and innovators to provide mentorship and support to grow and co-create solutions for medical imagery and radiology workflow solutions.


Our global network and partnership with the Thames Valley AI Hub, provides our LifeHub UK members with medical guidance, expertise, industry knowledge and resources to help accelerate products to market.


Grasp your opportunity to be a part of LifeHub UK and the future of Healthcare in the UK and across the world.

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Coming soon…more information on our accelerator program, Spark. Watch this space.