Data Disclosure

In accordance with the EFPIA Disclosure Code Bayer discloses transfers of value connected to the development and commercialisation of prescription-only human pharmaceuticals to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations.


The disclosed data include transfers of value in four main categories:



Transfers of value

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Organisations

Donations and grants-Whether monetary or other
Collaborative Working including Joint Working-Whether monetary or other

1. Registration fees

2. Travel & accommodation

1. Sponsorship

2. Registration fees (if applicable)

3. Travel & accommodation

Services and consultancy

    1. Fees

2. Related expenses agreed in the contract (including, for example, travel, accommodation & registration fees)

Research and development

Fees, travel & accommodation, and other related expenses that are covered in connection with the service


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Learn More About our Disclosure Methodology

The general rules of the EFPIA Disclosure Code apply to all member companies and all companies will disclose transfers of value made to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations in a pre-defined format. However, some details of the reporting methodology are left for the individual companies to decide in order to allow the necessary flexibility to adjust to the internal processes. This methodology note allows you to understand how Bayer in the UK is documenting and disclosing the relevant information.


PP-OTH-GB-0868/June 2022