Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do in the UK. It is centred around our digital transformation and innovation, our commitment to the communities that we serve, our approach to  inclusion and diversity and our integrity.

Carbon neutral by 2030

Bayer UK is already making an impact as we work to reduce our carbon footprint,  contributing to Bayer’s global goal of being carbon neutral in operations by 2030. 


Initiatives include:
•    Listing only electric and hybrid vehicles for our sales and management fleet
•    Minimising waste and emissions by working with retailers to reduce, recycle, and reuse packaging
•    Piloting carbon farming initiatives with UK farmers
•    Sharing best practice, exchange of ideas and mutual support with our local business neighbours
•    Running workshops for our people to embed our sustainability agenda into their daily lives 
•    Holding health and wellbeing events to keep our employees happy and healthy