Increasing awareness of early diagnosis of prostate cancer

Bayer partners with the UK Men’s Sheds Association

Bayer UK is partnering with UK Men’s Sheds Association to launch the “Shed by Shed: Rebuilding the Fight Against Prostate Cancer” campaign. The campaign’s goal is to encourage all men at risk of prostate cancer, who may have missed or delayed a GP appointment during the pandemic, to check for the signs of prostate cancer and speak to their doctor.


During the “Shed by Shed” campaign, which is launching at the start of Men’s Health Week (13th -19th June 2022), the 600+ Men’s Sheds across the UK will be encouraged to engage with their members and discuss prostate health and the psychological impact of a diagnosis or living with the disease long-term. The members (also known as Shedders) will be asked to make a ‘prostate pledge’ – a promise to reconsider their prostate health, check for the signs of prostate cancer and speak to a GP if something’s not right.


The vital need for this campaign was underlined by a survey of over 1,400 men at risk of prostate cancer, conducted by Bayer UK. The results show almost one in five (18%) men aged over 50 believe their prostate health has been negatively affected by the pandemic1 and three in ten (30%) with a current diagnosis of prostate cancer have experienced a delay or review of their treatment plan.1 The survey also revealed that over the last two years, one in five (21%) men aged 50+ missed a routine GP appointment across all medical conditions,1 due to cancellations by their GP, needing to isolate/shield or due to anxiety about visiting their surgery.


“The Men’s Sheds are more than just a place to share projects and common interests with other men. It is a safe place where we can discuss any sensitive issues we are facing. I was encouraged to visit my doctor after talking about my waterworks problems with a friend from church, so it is important we have the conversations,” commented Chris, 72, a Shedder at the Reading Shed, The Silvers’ Workshop, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 and is now cancer-free. “Having had prostate cancer, I would recommend to men over 50, to overcome their fears and reach out to their GP to get a simple blood test for prostate cancer before it’s too late, even if they do not have any symptoms.”


Whilst overall cancer treatment has been maintained at 94% of pre-pandemic levels, Prostate Cancer UK found that over 14,000 men have not started treatment for prostate cancer. Referrals and treatment for prostate cancer have also dropped significantly since March 2020.


“Early diagnosis and treatment are critical, but early prostate cancer usually shows no signs or symptoms, therefore it’s important that men and their doctors keep vigilant on prostate health”, explains Dr Roger Henderson, NHS GP in Dumfries and Galloway. “The NHS is always open, and I urge anyone who is at risk to book an appointment with their GP or specialist to discuss their prostate health.”


Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. Those over 50, who have a family history, are of African-Caribbean or African descent or are obese are more at risk. All men who fall within any of these categories, should make the ‘prostate pledge’ and get in touch with their GP.


The following ‘Shed by Shed’ resources and information are available from the Bayer ‘Manversation’ website, which is a campaign created by Bayer that aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer. It was launched in launched in 2016 to equip and motivate men with a diagnosis of prostate cancer to have important conversations.


appointment plannerA free appointment planner to help men to have conversations about prostate health with their GP











Prostate Pledge PlannerA free Prostate Pledge poster to for the UK Men’s Sheds to start conversations about prostate health and encourage all men aged over 50 to get checked with their GP











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