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Bayer UK & Ireland is a leading pharmaceutical company and aspires to provide world-class digital health technologies (DHTs) to underpin peoples’ health and wellbeing.

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The NHS is facing major challenges with a growing elective care backlog, workforce pressures and capacity constraints across the entire healthcare system and Bayer recognises the vital importance DHTs can make to addressing these challenges. It is our aspiration to enable evidence based, high-quality DHTs, co-designed by end users, that can address these issues, demonstrate value and be accessible to all. 


Bayer UKI believes that the way healthcare is provided in the UK needs to be via an integrated approach through innovative and transformative solutions that utilise digital therapeutics alongside more traditional interventions. These solutions can apply to different healthcare priorities, from supporting disease awareness and prevention programmes, enabling early and accurate diagnosis, to personalising healthcare pathways.


Therefore, our vision is: To Bring Digital Health to Life


Bayer has an established foothold in various therapeutic areas and we have started to explore how the integration of DHT will lead to better patient outcomes. 
But we can’t achieve this mission alone. We intend to build on our existing partnerships – and develop new ones – to co-design DHTs that are purpose-built for the NHS.
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