Baylab in the UK

Bayer has opened its first Baylab in the UK. Based in the beautiful waterside setting of Green Park, Reading, this free laboratory for schools offers state of the art equipment, intriguing experiments, and the chance to use innovative ideas to solve tasks and develop solutions. Covering key stages 2-5, it complements what the students learn at school and enables them to make their own unique discoveries.

Why do we need Baylabs?

Sound scientific expertise is essential for meeting the challenges of the future. That’s why Bayer is passionate about wakening an interest in science among young people at an early age and encouraging their development. We have spoken to hundreds of teachers in the UK, who tell us that they would like more time and facilities available to spend on practical science. And they want to take Science away from the ‘too difficult’ category by boosting the confidence of pupils from all backgrounds through experiences in the lab.

The Baylab Manager: Emma Schierbaum

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Baylab Manager Emma Schierbaum

Emma worked as the head of science at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar Junior School in Wakefield as well in the secondary sector teaching science and chemistry to A level standard for five years. A biochemistry graduate from the University of York, Emma has also worked for multinational chemical company, Croda Chemicals, in Doncaster. Emma has worked closely with the Royal Institution to fit out the laboratory and design and adapt the Baylab’s first experiments. All Emma’s assistants in the Baylab have been DBS checked.

Baylab and the Royal Institution

As well as offering tried and tested workshops from other Bayer labs, tailored to the UK National Curriculum, Bayer has teamed up with the Royal Institution (RI) to add the RI’s most popular workshops to the Baylab. An independent charity which encourages people to think more deeply about science, since 2009 the RI has run an extremely successful L’Oreal Young Scientist Center (YSC) laboratory in London and more recently a second YSC has opened in Preston.

Supporting Teachers

Baylab experiments have been developed to support teachers with delivering the national curriculum and fill the ‘hands-on’ science gap that many teachers experience due to time and cost constraints. Baylab’s professional scientists guide young minds through state-of-the-art experiments which will see them get hands-on to extract their own DNA for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, characterise the proteins of an enzyme and even try their hand as a formulation scientist. There are also plans to help teachers with their continuing professional development through workshops and resources.