Joint Working

Bayer is proud to work in partnership with a range of organisations to deliver projects with a direct and measurable benefit to patient care. The projects with which we are currently or recently involved in are listed below. For our latest joint working annual report, please click here.

BU / Reference codePeriod of AgreementPartner Organisations and NHS TrustsDeclaration

General Medicine


This project is due to start in September 2020

Oxford Academic Health Science Network

To provide an in-depth understanding of the impact of the initial phase of COVID-19 planning on the provision of stroke services

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This project is due to start in November 2019

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University NHS Trust

To meet the increasing demand for radiographic diagnosis within the CT service by increasing capacity with the automation of the current service

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General Medicine


This project is due to start in June 2019

University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

To expand the capacity of the andrology service to provide increased support for patients and GP practices, reducing the demand on secondary care and enabling more patients to access screening, diagnosis and treatment for testosterone deficiency

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