Criteria For Giving

Our community support programme is overseen by a committee which aims to be professional, sympathetic, impartial and systematic. That must include a firm and clear statement of what we can and cannot support, subject to available funds and the balance of our existing community work.


We can support activities which are aligned to:


Science for a Better Life

Support of frontier research in the life sciences for example through science achievement awards or unrestricted research grants.

  • Development of science talents, e.g. through fellowship programmes or talent awards
  • Science education in schools among children and teenagers, by supporting science teacher projects, science summer schools or hands on lab sessions.
  • Science and Society, e.g. external activities to engage with general public and raise scientific awareness


Health for all, Hunger for None

  • Food availability for vulnerable groups, food loss, food quality
  • Climate Change, biodiversity, water and waste management
  • Health for All - public health and child health


Community engagement and sport/cultural activities

  • Serving basic social needs in communities near Bayer sites with a focus on better health, sustainable nutrition or empowerment through nutrition
  • Support of direct general public education
  • Promotion of sports for people of all ages with disabilities


Community development and support

  • Serving basic social needs in the communities near Bayer sites.


 We are unable to support:

  • Bayer has a pharmaceutical division and to comply with industry regulations we are unable to accept applications from patient organisations or medical research charities through this fund.  Patient organisations can apply for sponsorship via
  • individuals rather than group activities

  • religious, political or racially aligned movements

  • projects or activities bridging a gap in government or local authority funding

  • sporting or recreational activities

  • entries in log books, year books or support advertising

  • projects of a local nature which are outside key locations of Berkshire, Cambridge and Dublin

  • conferences, lectures, trips, respite breaks or holidays

  • Donations to online charity sites