Criteria For Giving

Our community support programme is overseen by a committee which aims to be professional, sympathetic, impartial and systematic. That must include a firm and clear statement of what we can and cannot support, subject to available funds and the balance of our existing community work.


We support activities which are aligned to:


Frontier Science and Education

  • Support of frontier research in medicine and life science

  • Development of science talents in areas related to Bayer’s fields of competency

  • Science education in schools and the promotion of science enthusiasm among children and teenagers


Health and Nutrition challenges

  • Nutrition security, nutrition quality and the prevention of nutrition loss

  • Maternal and reproductive health


Community development and support

  • Serving basic social needs in the communities near Bayer sites.
  • Assistance to those in need following natural disasters


 We are unable to support:

  • individuals rather than group activities

  • religious, political or racially aligned movements

  • projects or activities bridging a gap in government or local authority funding

  • sporting or recreational activities unless closely associated to Bayer

  • entries in log books, year books or support advertising

  • projects of a local nature which are outside key locations of Berkshire, Cambridge and Dublin

  • conferences, lectures, trips, respite breaks or holidays