LifeHub UK celebrates two years of driving AI-powered innovation to improve patient outcomes

Bayer’s LifeHub UK has celebrated 2 years since its launch in October 2019.

LifeHub UK 2nd birthday


Serving as Bayer’s springboard for Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered innovation space, LifeHub UK brings together the UK scientific community - including customers, entrepreneurs and innovators - to collaborate, explore, discover and develop solutions to complex challenges in the fields of health and nutrition. 


It has been a busy two years with the global pandemic revolutionising the healthcare landscape, with innovation and collaboration becoming more important than ever. The ambition has been to connect with external partners to jointly explore, discover and develop leading patient-centric AI solutions in image-guided diagnosis and therapy. One of LifeHub’s achievements since inauguration has been the collaboration with Sensyne, which has helped drive new machine learning enabled applications that leverage medical imaging data to accelerate and optimise drug discovery and disease quantification.


Ben Irving, Head of ML Imaging, Sensyne Health said: “It is great to see how clinical and data science teams from both companies are tackling key challenges in medical imaging and life science in a highly productive and collaborative way for the benefit of patients and their HCPs”.


By drawing on expertise from the brightest minds in the UK scientific community, our partnerships have enabled the development of AI imaging-guided diagnosis and therapy solutions. These cutting-edge solutions, which are incubated through developing new skills, technologies and business models, have helped us to:

  • enhance data-driven drug discovery and disease diagnosis
  • speed up R&D
  • improve patient outcomes


Lynne Collins, Head of LifeHub UK and Country Head Radiology UK/Ireland, Bayer, said: “It has been a fascinating journey with various ongoing projects exploring opportunities of AI to improve diagnosis across a variety of conditions including cancer and cardiovascular diseases: all with the overarching aim of working on innovative solutions that will support radiology suites to provide best possible care to their patients. I am proud of our LifeHub UK team and looking forward to forging new partnerships that are crucial to unlock the potential of AI.”


Guido Matthews, Head of Digital Diagnostics, Bayer said: “Congratulations to Bayer LifeHub UK on the two-year anniversary. The growing partnerships being fostered by the team are proving there is no innovation without collaboration. This collaboration is important to help accelerate the integration of digital technologies within healthcare and ultimately enhance diagnosis and patient care”.


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