A New Era Demands a New Approach to Innovation

Our Mission & Strategy

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How does a company that invented Aspirin® reinvent itself?

In 2023, we started redesigning Bayer around our mission: Health for all, Hunger for none. That began with an overhaul of our operating model to better align with a fast-paced, ground-up approach to innovation and commercialisation.


We believe that innovation happens in the space between what’s needed and what’s there — not on an org chart. We’re putting an end to the hierarchical model and putting more power in the hands of our people. What does that mean? We’re reimagining every process, project, and role in the company driven by three key priorities:


///  Focusing everything on the mission

///  Advancing world-leading innovation

///  Delivering a superior financial performance


Follow our progress as we embark on this exciting journey. 

New Direction

Since the onset of the Industrial Age, most companies, especially large multinationals, have operated under a system of “command and control.” But humans aren’t machines - and designing organizations that way comes at a cost, burying ingenuity and stalling productivity. We’re redesigning the system to give Bayer employees the autonomy and accountability of a sole proprietor, supported by the global scale of #TeamBayer.


We call this system Dynamic Shared Ownership (DSO), and it’s built on five core principles:


  • Mission-first

    Focus everything on Health for all, Hunger for none.

  • Collaborative mindsets

    Foster a community that enables creative mindsets and behaviors.

  • Customer-centric

    Deliver faster, more impactful innovations to the customers that depend on us.

  • Employee empowerment

    Those doing the work also make the decisions. We’re shifting 95% of decision-making from management to the people doing the work.

  • Nimble working cycles

    Embrace continual improvement, influenced by action, in 90-day cycles.


This way of working is underpinned by a radical vision for leadership, transforming managers from controllers into coaches.

The speed of start up

A Better Bayer is on the Way

Our teams are adapting quickly to the new working model, and we will have 100% adoption of this new system of working by the end of 2024. Through this change, we’re aiming for a more productive and fulfilled workforce; world-leading, faster-to-market innovations; and superior financial performance.

1 June 2023

Bill Anderson joins Bayer AG as CEO.

8 November 2023

Bayer announces new operating model “Dynamic Shared Ownership” to focus on the mission, drive innovation and strengthen performance.

17 January 2024

In a joint declaration, the Board of Management of Bayer AG and the employee representatives on the Supervisory Board agree on principles for the future of the company, particularly in its home country of Germany.

5 March 2024

Capital Markets Day – Bayer to share a comprehensive update on company direction.

End 2024

Dynamic Shared Ownership rolled out to every corner of #TeamBayer.