Bayer plc releases 2022 Gender Pay Gap report

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At Bayer, our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) aspiration sits at the heart of our corporate strategy. We aim to live a culture where everyone is valued and enabled to be the best version of themselves – #ForBetter. 


The release of our 2022 Gender Pay Gap report shows our progress in embracing and celebrating the diverse and unique experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge of our team.


Producing an annual Gender Pay Gap report allows us to clearly see if our steps towards creating a gender equal organisation are moving the dial. This year’s official report shows that we are clearly making progress. 


This year has seen a further improvement in the average (mean) pay gap between women and men, reducing to 10.1% from 11.7% last year. This drop is the due to a more balanced spread of women across the organisation and showcases our commitment to fostering an inclusive workforce. 


Gender Pay Gap Report Infographic 2022

“We embrace equity within and outside Bayer. We provide women globally with services, education and support for equal outcomes and, within Bayer plc, we continue to progress year-over-year towards our commitment of a 50/50 gender balance at all managerial levels by 2030. In this way, we will close the gender pay gap.”

Deborah Bebbington, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Sponsor, UK & Ireland


“Since our initial publication in 2017 we continue to make great progress in understanding our gender pay gap and are proud that we have made real progress closing the pay and bonus gap. We continue to see women well represented in our organisation from future talent programmes through to senior leadership roles. We are also extremely proud of the progress being made on our wider DEI journey and we will continue to strive for a culture where everyone can thrive and succeed.”

Pieter Cross, Head of Human Resources, UK & Ireland


“At Bayer we’re building an inclusive culture, where everyone can succeed and achieve their full potential and where women can build a rewarding career. The numbers demonstrate this progress. For our 2021 graduate intake, 100% of our women graduates successfully moved to permanent roles, and in 2022 60% of the graduate intake were women. At a leadership level, 52% of our senior leadership teams across the UK are women, up from 45% in 2021.

“I know we’re not there yet – there’s still a pay gap and we have work to do to close it. But we’re on the right path and will continue to champion an inclusive gender workplace, working together to deliver on our vision: Health for All, Hunger for None.”

Antonio Payano, Chief Executive Officer, UK & Ireland


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