Bayer UK Partners with GenM to Strengthen Our Commitment in Menopause

Bayer UK is pleased to announce its partnership with GenM – an independent organisation that unites brands and companies for collective change in menopause landscape.

Bayer UK Partners with GenM

There are over 15.5 million menopausal women in the UK – that’s one third of the female population.1 Yet menopause remains a taboo subject for many women that is not typically openly discussed. As a result, there is an ‘invisible generation’ of menopausal and perimenopausal individuals suffering through mentally and physically debilitating symptoms, in silence.

The GenM partnership is part of our commitment to being a voice for change in menopause in the workplace and in the wider society. In October 2022, Bayer signed up to the Menopause Workplace Pledge to take positive action and ensure every employee who is going through menopause is supported. This year, we have also introduced a number of support services and tools in relation to menopause for our employees and their partners in the UK and Ireland. 


Mike Knowland, Country Divisional Head for Bayer Consumer Health, UK & Ireland, comments: “Our partnership with GenM and its network of credible menopause experts and retail and brand members strengthens our commitment to bringing out the best propositions to those going through the menopause. Within the UK Consumer Health team, we have significantly invested in research and have a strong commitment to moving at pace towards solutions that could make a difference for menopausal women. We look forward to collaborating with GenM, as a first step, in educating and upskilling our teams in the UK and Ireland with their resources, and in our future dedicated work we will launch in the menopause area.”


Romika Purwaha, Head of Women’s Health and Established Products, UK, says: “As a recognised leader in women’s healthcare, we have a long-standing commitment to delivering innovation and solutions to meet women’s needs throughout key stages of their lives – menopause is no doubt an important part. Supporting women to live well through the menopause and beyond and addressing challenges in menopause care require collaboration from all parts of the society. We are pleased to have established the partnership with GenM who will bring a fresh perspective to our work in driving change in access to adequate menopause care for more women.” 


For more information on GenM and the vast number of symptoms that those in menopause can experience, visit Menopause Symptoms - We've Identified All 48! | GenM (



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COR-UN-WHC-GB-0002 / July 2023