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Baylab Lab Coat Competition 2022

Baylab’s Lab Coat Competition that was back as part of British Science Week 2022, is now unfortunately closed and no longer accepting design submissions. Thank you to all those who have taken part and we look forward to announcing the winners of each age category for this year, on this page soon!


Design Labcoat Competition 2022


The competition, which usually asks students to design a lab coat around what science means to them, mixed it up this year with a topical subject that affects them, their communities, and the planet. In honour of COP-26 and the UN’s Sustainability Goals, that theme was Food and Food Waste.

All students in each age category needed to do to be in with a chance of winning a set of lab coats and other great prizes, was design a lab coat around the theme of food and food waste. Completely open to interpretation by the students, this could have been illustrations of fruit and veg, favourite recipes using leftovers, food distribution, or nutrition. Whatever the direction or inspiration, the more creative, the better!

So don’t forget to revisit this page soon to see this year’s winning Food and Food Waste themed Lab Coat Competition designs.

Should you have any questions regarding the competition, please email a member of our team at