‘Do Good, Feel Good’ with Berocca

Berocca Shopper Sustainability Scheme Launches in Tesco

(Bayer’s nutritional energy brand) Berocca has teamed up with international non-profit organisation Big Blue Ocean Clean Up to introduce its ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ environmental sustainability initiative, exclusively for Tesco shoppers.


Do Good Feel Good Tesco image


For every Berocca product sold in select Tesco stores and on Tesco.com from this Wednesday 10 August, Bayer Consumer Health will make a donation to Big Blue Ocean Clean Up to help keep the oceans clean, protect marine wildlife and support the development of innovative technologies.


The initiative supports Bayer’s sustainability goals, which focuses on reducing our environmental footprint. Bayer’s globally set sustainability target is to make the packaging for all of our consumer products recyclable or reusable by 2030 and we are investing €100 million to make our products more sustainable. We have also made a strong commitment to research into solutions that will help address various areas of sustainability, especially when it comes to product packaging. This includes investigating into the use of alternative materials.


‘We are delighted to have Berocca’s owner Bayer Plc as our new corporate partner. Bayer and the team truly care about protecting the oceans and our new partnership will hugely benefit the marine environment through donations and physical clean-up events across the UK. I look forward to an exciting year ahead together with the Bayer team” says Rory Sinclair, chief executive of Big Blue Ocean Clean Up.


The ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ activity runs with Tesco until 20 September 2022.
For more information on Big Blue Ocean Clean Up visit www.bigblueoceancleanup.org/berocca.
For Berocca news, visit www.berocca.co.uk



Contains Vitamin BI, B2, B2, B6, Niacin, Biotin and Magnesium to support energy release; Folic acid to support the reduction in tiredness and fatigue, Pantothenic acid to support normal mental performance, Vitamin C to support normal function of the immune system and Zinc to support normal cognitive function.

BAYER PLC will donate 5p to Big Blue Ocean Clean Up™ for every Berocca® product sold in Tesco stores and on Tesco.com in the UK between 10.08.22 and 20.09.22. The sales volumes will be calculated via epos sales data at the end of the promotion period. The total donation value will not be less than £6,850. The donation will be made within 60 days from the end of the promotion period. Big Blue Ocean Clean Up™ works to prevent, protect and to minimise disturbance from human development and climate change and is a Non-Profit Limited by Guarantee, Registration Number: 11228485. Promoter: BAYER PLC. 400 South Oak Way. Reading R62 6AD