Infected Blood Inquiry – Bayer’s Statement of Regret

Bayer has fully cooperated with the UK Infected Blood Inquiry since it began. The Inquiry has examined the circumstances in which infected blood and blood products were distributed through the National Health Service, in particular in the 1970s and 1980s. Cutter, which was part of the Bayer Group, produced haemophilia treatments. Cutter did not participate in the collection or supply of blood for transfusions in the UK.


We have been profoundly moved by the accounts of those who have been infected and affected by this tragedy. We are truly sorry that the haemophilia treatments developed by Cutter, intended to save and improve lives, ended up causing so much suffering.



  • Bayer was not called upon to give oral evidence to the Inquiry.
  • Bayer provided approximately 7,000 documents and witness evidence, to support the Inquiry’s understanding of historical events and the actions of Bayer Group companies. This included a voluntary detailed written statement by Dr. Brendon Gray, former Medical Director of Bayer UK.





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