Young Genius Summer School comes to Baylab!

The Powerbase Institute visited our Baylab as part of their Young Genius Summer School.

PowerHouse at Baylab 1

On Tuesday 15 August, we were joined by an amazing group of 21 students. They experienced an afternoon full of fun as they learnt all about DNA and got the chance to make their very own gene necklaces.


The Powerbase institute aims to provide their students with long-term development strategies, to ignite their passions and skills for the future. They are a group committed to building leaders through mentorship, school programmes and creative experiences. They are dedicated to promoting innovation, impact, inheritance, and excellence.


We’d like to thank the Powerbase Institute for the opportunity to educate their students on understanding what makes them unique, and the effect mutations can have on expressed characteristics. For more information on the Powerbase institute and their great cause, click here