Wacky Wellies Fun-raiser

Throughout March 2022, schools donned their wellies in support of the fight against food insecurity!

Wacky Wellies logoAll about boosting student confidence, as well as engagement with the concept of food waste and the impact it’s having on the world, we offered schools the chance to hold a Wacky Wellies Fun-raiser during the month of both British Science Week and Food Waste Action Week.

To get involved, all schools needed to do was choose one day in March for students to wear their wellies to school – either as they came or ‘jazzed’ up (the wackier, the better!) – in recognition of our farmers. Schools could also, if they wished, take part in aid of charities who provide access to food for those in need, so some asked their students to make a suggested donation of £1 in support of a charity they selected in the registration form*.

Schools could even share their snazzy feet with us on social media to be entered into our awesome competition, where vegetable patches and educational visits were up for grabs until March 31st! For those who took part in the competition, winners will be contacted by the end of April 2022 with confirmation of their prize. 

Please note the Wacky Wellies Fun-raiser, including the competition is now closed. However, if you would like to continue the conversation about food waste, please check out our Food Waste Warrior activity here!


*Disclaimer: Baylab was/is in no way responsible for dealing with all and any funds raised. By raising money as part of the Wacky Wellies Fun-raiser, schools / youth groups agreed to donate all and any funds raised directly to their selected charity from the list provided in the registration form.