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Packaging Pandemic

Students in Years 8-13? Join our Packaging Competition!


Packaging it Properly


Investigations for Key Stages 2-5 with our new Packaging Pandemic Resource. Download presentations and hands-on investigation challenges to take you through the process that is package design and testing.


We throw away approximately 33% of our packaging in the UK which ends up in landfill or in the sea, with potential dire consequences for some animals and the planet on which we all live. So why use packaging anyway? Wouldn’t it be easier if we just didn’t – then all these problems would just disappear?


Not so fast!


Packaging protects a product from damage, keeps it safe for use and can increase its shelf life, saving waste. Packaging can also help us, as consumers, to use those products successfully (toothpaste in a jar, anyone?!) and will often include instructions for use, compulsory safety information and can be essential for branding and marketing.


To support the delivery of Packaging Pandemic both in and outside the classroom, there are specially created teacher and student resources available. Completely free of charge, this activity is permanently available for you to download and run with your students.


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Resources to download

PP1-PackagingPandemic.pptx (PPTX 22.66 MB)